Boxon Offers the First Carbon Neutral Stretch Film on the Market


Boxon launches a new stretch film concept – REBORN, which is based on Scandinavian tall oil developed on residual pine products. It is produced in one of our Swedish factories.

Environmentally friendly alternative

Stretch film is used to protect goods against various factors such as moisture and dust, while at the same time securing goods on the pallet to minimize damage and complaints during transport. Boxon’s existing standard range already contains several high-quality stretch films. Now the range is further expanded with two products that are completely carbon free:

○ Machine stretch film in 15 my with stretch up to 340%
○ Hand stretch film in 7 my with reinforced edges.

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“It is very positive to be able to offer a green stretch film alternative”, says Mikael Jonsson, Product Specialist at Boxon. “Reborn has all the features that Boxon’s other range of stretch films have. In addition, Reborn is fully recyclable together with other plastics. “

With the help of the new bio-based stretch films you can reduce your carbon footprint even more without compromising on load stability. Reborn has also exceptionally good optical properties, so that labels are visible and easily readable.

Overall, there are many benefits with Reborn:

○ Developed from a sustainable source

○ Fully recyclable

○ 0% carbon footprint

○ Ergonomic

○ Good optical properties

If you are interested in carbon neutral stretch film, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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