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Dear customer,

Thank you very much for your trust in Boxon in 2016! In the past year we have been upgrading our products and services to meet your business requirements. 

By using 3D modeling software Boxon engineers can display the packaging design in 3D drawings thus you can more easily understand how the packaging design works well for your products. We also actively explore and utilize innovative materials and technology into packaging solution, such as the use of straw pressing pallets. 

For the current customers, we suggested annual innovation and cost-saving plan to achieve your target of total annual cost reduction. For new customers, we evaluate your current packaging situation and provide optimized solution to you.

We also improved the process of the supply chain and strengthened the quality control. The suppliers are evaluated annually, and are scored every six months. In this way, the quality, price, delivery, etc. of the suppliers are evaluated continuously to meet the requirements of ours and yours. 

Furthermore, the warehouse was divided into different functional areas and was managed modularly. We improved the “Warehouse Management Control Procedure”, which defines the purpose, scope, responsibility and inventory management process. 

The team of customer service was also enlarged to meet the requirements of the stable growing business. Thus we responded to your demands timely. And with the authorization of you, we were able to log in your ERP system to check orders and notify deliveries, which saved the time that you sent emails back and forth. The stock of regular products was also improved based on your regular demands. In addition, we recorded customer complaints in more detail either from you or our own findings then we improved the service respectively.

We look forward to continuing to be your best packaging partner in 2017! Wish you a prosperous year.


Allan Riber Nielsen

Boxon China

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