Boxon Presents FrameTray™ Packaging Solution at swop Expo

From 22nd to 24th November 2023,Boxon  joined in the exhibition of Shanghai World of Packaging (swop) in Shanghai China. Boxon showcased its FrameTray™ packaging solution at the expo.

FrameTray™ solution offers much higher pallet load rate which can significantly reduce transport cost and meanwhile, reduce manual packing and handling costs and warehousing costs as well. Furthermore, the trays can be recycled after using and as raw material for manufacturing new trays. It develops a closed material loop from production, use, recycling and re-production. As a result, it can obviously reduce carbon emissions and contribute to sustainability.

There has been a rapid growth of demand of FrameTray™ in automotive industry in recent years. In 2022, Boxon reused approximately 4200 tons of plastic material into new FrameTray™ not only helping customers reduce costs but also meeting their sustainable development requirements.

Boxon Sales Manager Kevin Zheng gave a speech at Innovation Logistics Packaging Forum – Smart&Green Future focusing on carbon neutral, energy conservation and emission reduction, main policies of sustainable development in other countries as well as innovative closed loop system and sustainable recycling application of FrameTray™ packaging solution.

In the round table discussion, Keving Zheng and the other speakers had an in-depth discussion on “the application of low-carbon materials in the field of logistics packaging”, “whether the ‘intelligence’in the field of logistics packaging is equivalent to ‘IoT’” and “green packaging should be initiated in designing or  application”. Later the speakers answered the audience’s questions regarding sustainable packaging.

With the hot topics of carbon neutral and energy saving and emission reduction, sustainable packaging has become the trend in the packaging industry. Facing challenges in the future, Boxon will continue to contribute to the sustainable development of the packaging industry, and keep developing new technologies, sustainable packaging, customized packaging design and production to make packaging contribute more to social development and a good life for mankind.

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