Check out the New Video on Boxon Machines & Equipment!


Boxon machines and equipment help you pack your products efficiently and safely!

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New Product: Eco Label


One more sustainable option for your packaging.

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Boxon Launches R-PET Bulk Bags Made from PET Bottles


Support R-PET big bags, reduce plastic waste and prevent marine pollution.

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Garbage Classification Can Is Available at Boxon Web Shop


Shanghai has been the first city in China to start garbage sorting recently. Residents should sort the garbage into four categories or they could face fines according to regulations which was implemented on 1st July.

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Corrosion Protection with BoxCor®


BoxCor®, an environmentally friendly and high quality solution that keeps metal products away from rust!

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Throw Away the Ugly Taped Packages and Pick the Neat and Convenient E-Commerce Cartons


Once you use it, you can’t live without it.

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The First CO2-Neutral FIBC Supplier in the World? Boxon Made It


Boxon has become the first FIBC supplier in the world in 2018 to offer its customers CO2-Neutral products to contribute to the environment.

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