Packaging Solution for Medical Equipment

A valuable medical device usually contains precise laser, lenses or instruments. Without appropriate packaging, the devices may be damaged easily in transit,which may cause significant economic loss. Therefore, reliable packaging is extremely important for the transportation safety of medical devices.

In addition, manufacturers may develop, produce and sell products in different countries and areas. Thus, the logistic environment is very complex and packaging regulations vary in different markets. As a result, its set high standards for packaging suppliers——they need not only ensure the safety of products, but also analyze each link of the supply chain comprehensively to provide cost-effective packaging solutions to help customers improve profitability.   

Boxon is experienced in the medical equipment packaging field. With the rigorous and comprehensive 

assessment and analysis, we are able to provide appropriate packaging solutions for various medical devices, including CT scanners, MRI machines, x-ray machines, ultrasound equipment as well as diagnosis and treatment equipment, and make them safely delivered to the destination ultimately.


Customer Case

Packaging Solution for the MRI Machine

The cover of the MRI machine is a one-piece plastic injection molded, which means it is very sensitive to abrasion and shock and should be protected very carefully in transit. The machine would be delivered to hospitals by road and air transportation. Thus, the equipment will suffer environment challenges, including vibration, impact and moisture.


Boxon Packaging Solution

Boxon’s technical team made the packaging solution for the equipment by integral analysis. The packaging design for the main part of the equipment is based on the wooden pallet and wooden box. This design is simple and smart, which not only reduced the use of materials but also protected the equipment very well. The packaging for the accessories of the equipment included corrugated cartons, cushioning materials and Intercept™ bags to protect them from vibration, negative impact and moisture. Besides, considering that the equipment is very heavy and need to be transported to exam rooms in hospitals, a wooden auxiliary runway is provided within the package to facilitate handling, packing and reduce the risk of damage.

boxon-medical packaging

The packaging passed ISTA (International Safe Transit Association) 3E test which is a well-recognized packaging and shipping standard test in the packaging industry. This means the package can protect the product totally from damage in harsh logistic environment.

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