Boxon Launches R-PET Bulk Bags Made from PET Bottles

Most of disposable beverage bottles in our daily life are made of PET. PET, which is short for polyethylene glycol terephthalate, although being one of the most recycled packaging materials, is consumed way more each day than it is recycled.

Studies have shown that a large amount of discarded plastics flow into the ocean every year, and then they were eaten by marine lives, and may eventually return to our table through the food chain.

The plastic might not only be harmful itself but also could accumulate toxic substances in the water according to researches, which increasingly raises concerns about food safety and human health. 








Boxon makes bulk bags from recycled PET bottles to help to reduce plastic waste and to prevent marine pollution.

How a used plastic bottle becomes a Big Bag?

Plastic waste is collected from landfill sites and collection points in Indonesia.

At least 10 % of the materials are marine litter, originating from beaches and coastal areas.

Then the bottles are delivered to the processing site to be made big bags through sorting, cleaning, shredding, processing, etc.

1 kg of woven R-PET is made from 25 bottles of 1.5 liter. This means, 50 PET bottles are used for the produc­tion of an average 2 kg Big Bag.

Same quality standard

When it comes to quality, the R-PET Big Bags meet the same high quality standards as our FIBC made from polypropy­lene.

Just as for our other products, customization for R-PET big bags is optional to be ideally adapted to your goods.

Environmental benefits

By re-using the PET bottles for the Big Bag-production, we benefit from better environment.

  • Prevention of marine pollution
  • Up to 25 % less CO2 emissions per Bag
  • Less resource input
  • Effective re-usage of PET bottles

Thanks to the above mentioned characteristics, Boxon R-PET Big Bags contribute directly to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations:

A sustainable partnership

Boxon GmbH is a member of the UN Global Compact and officially carbon neutral at all German sites. In 2019, we have been certified Ecovadis Gold Status for our activities of Corporate Social Responsibility in the second consecutive year.

As a globally operating packaging company, Boxon aims to proactively promote the sustainability dialogue within the sector and with all stakeholders. Our mission is to develop the world‘s most intelligent and sustainable packaging solu­tions – that includes constant optimization of our products with regard to environmental aspects. We expand our offer and activities to reduce our carbon footprint and help companies to achieve their own environmental targets through by developing highly adapted sustainable packaging solutions.

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