New Video: Boxon Packaging


Packaging has developed to become an important part of the product. With the right material, design and function, packaging can protect the product, communicate the brand and reduce environmental impact. This creates new business opportunities and improved profitability for our customers.

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Label & Tracebility


Labels are much more than just a flamboyant and factual front. They can also contain information helping you keep track of your things. Making sure you know exactly where they are, where they’ve been and where they’re going.

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Our Website is Certified as CO2 Neutral Website


Our website is certified as a “carbon neutral website“, which means that the total CO2 emissions caused by the operation of the website are compensated.

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We Just Finished a Packaging Optimization Project


We just finished the packaging optimization project for the mechanical industry client. The new packaging will definitely decrease CO2 emission and the total supply chain cost for the client.

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Check Out the Video about Boxon CSR!


Watch the introduction video about Boxon CSR and learn more about our objectives, actions and results!

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General Introduction about Volvo Packaging Projects


As the global packaging partner, Boxon provide Volvo with the integrated packaging solutions for SKD, One Way and After-sales Market Projects.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


If we look back on the past twelve months, it is clear that there has hardly ever been a comparable year. While this year has brought us new challenges, it has also encouraged our creativity and in many ways.

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Boxon Offers Packaging Solution for E-commerce Giant Netthandelsgruppen AS


Boxon offers packaging solution for the largest Norwegian e-commerce company Netthandelsgruppen.

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Boxon Gmbh Was Awarded Ecovadis Gold 2020

Good times for sustainability: In 2020 Boxon GmbH was once again awarded Ecovadis Gold for it’s CSR performance.

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560 Tons of CO2 Compensated by Boxon Customers in Q1 and Q2 2020


In the first two quarters of the year, Boxon customers are breaking records: With the purchase of almost 70,000 climate-neutral big bags, a total of 560 tons of CO2 were offset – more than in the whole last year!

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