Boxon Ran Workshop Concerning Automotive Packaging


Automotive packaging is not simple!

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“Chocolate Box” Frame Tray System Win Packaging Innovation Award


Congrats to Ford Motor Company for winning the prestigious Packaging Innovation Award at the Automotive gala! Together with our partner Molandertech, this packaging concept has been developed and led to great cost savings in inflows from Ford’s subcontractors.

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Boxon Released Sustainability Report 2018


Boxon group released the latest sustainability report which shows that Boxon’s sustainable development strategy has achieved good results. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this report.

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Will the Use Of Environmental Packaging Be Mandatory Soon In China?


Don’t worry. Boxon offer a series of cartons that are especially designed for e-commerce.

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Throw Away the Ugly Taped Packages and Pick the Neat and Convenient E-Commerce Cartons


Once you use it, you can’t live without it.

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The First CO2-Neutral FIBC Supplier in the World? Boxon Made It


Boxon has become the first FIBC supplier in the world in 2018 to offer its customers CO2-Neutral products to contribute to the environment.

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