Construction & Design

Boxon has rich experiences in packaging and professional packaging engineering team. Our packaging engineers customize suitable and cost-saving packaging solutions based on your real situations.

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Use Multi Packaging Materials

We design packaging with multi packaging materials according to your product properties and the logistics to fulfill your actual needs. Corrugated boxes, wood, plywood, plastics, bulk bags, corrosion protection bags, etc. are selected for the packaging and balance the product protection and economy efficiency.

欧标托盘和围板箱——经济且极佳的运输及包装解决方案 Boxon EUR Pallet and Collars-5
Stretch wrap - Stock products

Decrease the Risks in Transit and Logistics

Protect products from vibration, impact, pressure and climate hazards.

Professional Packaging Engineering Team

○ With rich experiences for packaging projects

○ Being creative and optimize packaging solutions constantly

○ Holding internal packaging engineering seminars regularly

Own Cutters

○ Being able to make prototypes as soon as the design is completed

○ Can improve and optimize packaging much faster

○ Save time and cost


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