About Boxon (Shanghai) Packaging

Boxon is a packaging company with headquarter in Sweden and branches in Nordic region, Germany, France, and China. We offer packaging solutions and save total supply chain cost for clients.

Boxon (Shanghai) Packaging is part of the Boxon Group. More European customers are demanding our services and packaging solutions for the Chinese market, especially in the region around Shanghai where our office is based. 

Our adventure in China officially started on 1st of January 2011. We previously had a purchasing organisation there for six years serving one of the business areases within the Boxon Group, Boxon Bulk. We have now made the complete step and are focusing on the business opportunities within transport and instrustrial packaging that the Boxon Group has more clearly identified.

Today we are approximately 30 employees working with purchase, sales, marketing, C&D and customer support. Our business is growing rapidly and we have hired more staff to support the quick growth in the last several months. In addition, we’ve enlarged the warehouse in Kunshan and are upgrading the system to meet the customers’ demands. 

With our team, we are able to deliver profitable packaging solution to you based on your goals, requirements and preference.

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