Recyclable Packaging Solution FrameTray™


FrameTrayTM is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective packaging provided by Boxon. It is a type of optimized injection-molded packaging that can be designed specifically for each product, and, most importantly, is recyclable and can be reused for making new FrameTrayTM.

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How to Safely Pack Lithium Batteries


Lithium batteries belong to class 9 of dangerous goods classified by the United Nations (UN). If they are not packed correctly, it will probably cause deflagration during transportation.

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FSC Training: Promoting Sustainable Forestry and Helping Achieve Boxon’s 2025 Sustainability Goals


On March 15, 2023, Boxon organized an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) training session at its Shanghai office, where all employees learned about FSC standards, FSC Trademark usage guidelines, and information for purchasing, selling, and managing FSC-related products.

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Boxon Supports Team Rynkeby 2023


We are proud to announce that we will continue to support Team Rynkeby as a Gold sponsor in 2023.

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New Video: Boxon Packaging


Packaging has developed to become an important part of the product. With the right material, design and function, packaging can protect the product, communicate the brand and reduce environmental impact. This creates new business opportunities and improved profitability for our customers.

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Check out the New Video on Boxon Machines & Equipment!


Boxon machines and equipment help you pack your products efficiently and safely!

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Label & Tracebility


Labels are much more than just a flamboyant and factual front. They can also contain information helping you keep track of your things. Making sure you know exactly where they are, where they’ve been and where they’re going.

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Our Website is Certified as CO2 Neutral Website


Our website is certified as a “carbon neutral website“, which means that the total CO2 emissions caused by the operation of the website are compensated.

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We Just Finished a Packaging Optimization Project


We just finished the packaging optimization project for the mechanical industry client. The new packaging will definitely decrease CO2 emission and the total supply chain cost for the client.

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Check Out the Video about Boxon CSR!


Watch the introduction video about Boxon CSR and learn more about our objectives, actions and results!

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General Introduction about Volvo Packaging Projects


As the global packaging partner, Boxon provide Volvo with the integrated packaging solutions for SKD, One Way and After-sales Market Projects.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


If we look back on the past twelve months, it is clear that there has hardly ever been a comparable year. While this year has brought us new challenges, it has also encouraged our creativity and in many ways.

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Boxon Offers Packaging Solution for E-commerce Giant Netthandelsgruppen AS


Boxon offers packaging solution for the largest Norwegian e-commerce company Netthandelsgruppen.

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Boxon Gmbh Was Awarded Ecovadis Gold 2020


Good times for sustainability: In 2020 Boxon GmbH was once again awarded Ecovadis Gold for it’s CSR performance.

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560 Tons of CO2 Compensated by Boxon Customers in Q1 and Q2 2020


In the first two quarters of the year, Boxon customers are breaking records: With the purchase of almost 70,000 climate-neutral big bags, a total of 560 tons of CO2 were offset – more than in the whole last year!

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Boxon Attended Volvo APAC Core Supplier Sustainability Tech Show 2020


Volvo Cars invited 17 global leading suppliers to showcase their innovative technologies and products in terms of sustainability

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New Product: Eco Label


One more sustainable option for your packaging.

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Boxon Wins PackTheFuture Sustainable Packaging Award 2020


Out of a total of 58 submissions, Boxon’s rPET Big Bag, which is made from used PET bottles collected in Indonesia, receives the award the category “social benefit”.

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Boxon Packaging Class 01


Michael Yan, Boxon Technical Manager, shows how we optimize the packaging solution for an industrial client and save overall cost for them.

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Boxon Sustainability Report 2019


Find out more about our commitments, our past year’s activities and results, and what goals we have set for 2020.

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Boxon Produces Face Shields for Frontline Medical Staffs in Sweden


Boxon provided 3D printing face shields for frontline medical staffs in Sweden recently by cooperating with Lund University.

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We all wish you a happy and safe Easter


Happy and Safe Easter

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Boxon China Donated 5000 Masks to European Colleagues


To support overseas colleagues in fighting the corona virus 2019, Boxon China donated 5000 surgical masks to Boxon Germany.

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With a Total of 395 Tons of CO2 Compensated in 2019, Boxon’s Carbon Neutral Plan Continues in 2020


In 2019, 35 committed Boxon customers compensated for a total of 395 tons of CO2 by ordering 36,760 climate neutral Big Bags from Boxon. A great result, that we aim to even surpass in 2020.

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Boxon Packaging Engineer Tina Jin


Before International Women’s Day, we interviewed Tina Jin, the packaging engineer from Boxon. She shared the experience and ideas about work and life with us.

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2,100 Cyclists in Eight Countries, 1,200-Kilometer Trip to Paris, for Children with Cancer


Team Rynkeby – Good Morning, is part of a European charity project that raises money for children with cancer and their families. As a sponsor of Team Rynkeby, Boxon not only donate money to charity, but also help put a healthy lifestyle and seriously ill children on the agenda throughout Europe.

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We can do this!


We have taken precautions for the safety of our employees during COVID-19 control. Boxonites all over the world are working from home or in safety shifts in the offices and warehouses keeping the business going.

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Notice on corona virus


UPDATED 2020-03-17 – Read the notice on arrangements of the Boxon Group during corona virus prevention.

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Corona Virus: interpack 2020 postponed


Messe Düsseldorf is postponing this year’s international trade fair Interpack due to COVID-19. It will now take place from 25 February to 3 March 2021.

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Let’s meet at Interpack 2020


Meet Boxon at Interpack 2020 which will be held in Düsseldorf, Germany from 7 to 13 May 2020.

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Boxon Group Become A Participant of the United Nations Global Compact


We are glad to announce that Boxon Group is now an active member of the UN Global Compact! This is a big step in our work with global sustainability and more is coming!

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Jimmy Talks about Global Presence


Are you searching for a global packaging supplier for your global business? Then don’t miss out the video below in which our Sales Director Jimmy Bjork talks about global presence.

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Christmas Calendar


Don’t miss Boxon Christmas Calendar starting on the 1st of December.

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Boxon Ran Workshop Concerning Automotive Packaging


Automotive packaging is not simple!

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Boxon Launches R-PET Bulk Bags Made from PET Bottles


Support R-PET big bags, reduce plastic waste and prevent marine pollution.

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Garbage Classification Can Is Available at Boxon Web Shop


Shanghai has been the first city in China to start garbage sorting recently. Residents should sort the garbage into four categories or they could face fines according to regulations which was implemented on 1st July.

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Value Creating Packaging Solutions for Automotive Industry


The complexity of the automotive industry places high demands on packaging suppliers. Why choose Boxon as the sole packaging supplier?

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Boxon Released Sustainability Report 2018


Boxon group released the latest sustainability report which shows that Boxon’s sustainable development strategy has achieved good results. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of this report.

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Corrosion Protection with BoxCor®


BoxCor®, an environmentally friendly and high quality solution that keeps metal products away from rust!

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Packaging Solution for Fuel Cells


How to design a safe, environmental friendly and lightweight packaging for fuel cells? Check it out on how Boxon packaging engineer made it.

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Will the Use Of Environmental Packaging Be Mandatory Soon In China?


Don’t worry. Boxon offer a series of cartons that are especially designed for e-commerce.

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Throw Away the Ugly Taped Packages and Pick the Neat and Convenient E-Commerce Cartons


Once you use it, you can’t live without it.

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The First CO2-Neutral FIBC Supplier in the World? Boxon Made It


Boxon has become the first FIBC supplier in the world in 2018 to offer its customers CO2-Neutral products to contribute to the environment.

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