Boxon Ran Workshop Concerning Automotive Packaging

Boxon ran a one-week workshop concerning automotive packaging in Sweden in September. Co-workers from China, Germany, France and Sweden, etc. shared experiences of project management and technical support on automotive packaging.


The co-workers reviewed and discussed about multinational project management, local packaging material and supplier selection and technical problem solving of mega automotive packaging projects and so on.

Packaging for automobiles and its components has its complexity——a large number of components, a lot of suppliers and various production and assembly sites locating in different countries and regions, which make them quite demanding projects. 

On the one hand, we have to communicate with car manufactures and their numerous component suppliers and offer global cooperation and local service; 

 on the other hand we have to consider different transport modes, warehousing and packaging materials, etc. to optimize overall packaging solutions. As a result the transport safety, warehousing efficiency and environment impacts, etc. are improved and the automotive production efficiency would be increased. Thus we add value to the customer in the end. 

In addition to in-door workshop, they also visited automotive customers to deepen the understanding of them.

The workshop offered opportunities for co-workers across countries to communicate face to face as well, which contributed to better cooperation in mega global packaging projects within Boxon Group.

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