On-site Packing

As a packaging expert company we are proud to offer our customers a so called “On-site Packing”. This service is a much appreciated service where Boxon take full responsibility for the whole packing process at your site.

Our packaging team at Boxon will help you to choose and provide the most cost efficient material for your specific delivery. We take care of the whole packaging process including packing instructions. We also make sure that the package is secured for transportation.

What are the benefits of using Boxon Packing team?

  • You will get a package that promises a delivery of a well protected goods

  • Less salary cost due to packing issues- time and cost efficient

  • Lower total packing cost due to experts using the right packing strategy and knowledge. Less waste cost.

博壳松包装团队将帮助您选择并提供最具成本效益的材料。我们负责整个包装流程,包括包装指导,并确保货物运输安全。On-site Packing benefits

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