Allan Riber Nielsen Assumes General Manager of Boxon China

Allan Riber Nielsen assumes General Manager for Boxon China since December 1st, 2015. Allan has worked in Shanghai for two years, most recently at Prime Cargo where he served as National Sales Manager. Before that, Allan has held senior positions within Scan Global Logistics, in Denmark as well as in Asia. 

Boxon is, since 2011, established at the Chinese market through our operations in Shanghai, China. We decided to implement our Scandinavian business model in China from the beginning, which has proven to be a clear recipe for success. Since 2013, we have also had European management. Now Allan from Denmark is taking over the leadership.

For the past few years we have had strong growth for Boxon in China, which is a clear sign of how successful we have been at developing Boxon China into a well-functioning supplier and partner for our customers.

Allan Riber Nielsen就任博壳松中国总经理 Allan Riber Nielsen Assumes General Manager of Boxon China

Our business in China started when we saw a need from our Scandinavian and European customers who had moved their manufacturing to China. Being able to offer packaging material and solutions on site has major advantages for our customers, where we can take greater responsibility for the customer’s total packaging needs.

Locally in Shanghai we are now approximately 20 employees within sales, purchase, logistics and marketing. Our offer has expanded to include both packaging- and marking solutions as well as bulk packaging.

I’m really looking forward to get started. Boxon really have some unique products, services and not least, a solid Scandinavian mindset. Boxon is the best supplier when it comes to packaging solutions. My job is to make sure we get out on the market and put Boxon on the map for European companies in China, says Allan Riber Nielsen.

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