Economic and Brilliant Transportation and Packaging Solution – EUR Pallet and Collars

欧标托盘和围板箱——经济且极佳的运输及包装解决方案 Boxon EUR Pallet and Collars-2

Global market made the process of manufacture – transportation – export and import – sale become an organism. The faster and easier the process is, the more time and cost company could save. Boxon’s EUR pallet and collars products help you realize this goal.

Boxon’s EUR packaging products let your goods could be delivered from the factory in China to European without changing pallet and collars. Our products are easy to transport, fast assembling, save space, supply better protection for goods. They are returnable, reusable and reparable packaging. Boxon offers pick up service from any place in the Europe. We help your work becomes easier, faster and more economic.

Easy to Transport

Wooden pallet collars are very convenient, economic type of reusable packaging for various types of bulky, compact or friable products. They are highly durable, have flexible construction, allow to optimize warehouse space. Pallets, pallet collars, covers, fittings and used packaging can be included in a single load. Standard packaging = 108 collars per pallet. 1 Full truck = 2808 pallet collars = 550 m3.

欧标托盘和围板箱——经济且极佳的运输及包装解决方案 Boxon EUR Pallet and Collars

EUR Standard Product and Customize

All standard pallet collars heights are available: 100, 200, 300, 400 mm. And any custom height can be produced to fit our clients product sizes. To be sure your products feel comfy and safe while travelling or waiting in a warehouse, Boxon provides all types of standardized and customized sizes within length of 300 – 3500 mm.

Depending on the cargo specifications and the type of transportation and storage, Boxon offers custom pallets of various constructions and complexity. Various materials are used in the production of our pallets such as planks, beams, plywood, OSB, pressed cubes, as well as other materials

欧标托盘和围板箱——经济且极佳的运输及包装解决方案 Boxon EUR Pallet and Collars-3

Pallet Collar Hingers

6 hinged pallet collars requires less space when stored or transported. They are convenient to use even in small spaces. And 6 hinges are so fast and easy to fold that you’ll need to find an extra work for your warehouse employees!

欧标托盘和围板箱——经济且极佳的运输及包装解决方案 Boxon EUR Pallet and Collars-4
欧标托盘和围板箱——经济且极佳的运输及包装解决方案 Boxon EUR Pallet and Collars-5

Multi-Address Delivery

Multi-address delivery is a solution that helps save our clients’ most important resources – time and money. The opportunity to unload the delivery at multiple addresses lowers our clients’ expenses on transportation. For instance, ordering a pallet load or a combined load, Boxon can deliver a part of the load to the producer, while the other part can be unloaded at our client’s warehouse.

Reusable Packaging

Used pallets are a nature-friendly way to save the financial resources of your company. Boxon offers to ensure full service – pick up, certified maintenance and delivery back to the customer. Reusable packaging solutions are used by small as well as large businesses. Our previous experience shows that by choosing to work with reusable packaging solutions companies can improve in short-term and long-term as well. Reusable packaging proves that working smarter pays off.

欧标托盘和围板箱——经济且极佳的运输及包装解决方案 Boxon EUR Pallet and Collars-6

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