How to pack a plane?


What? To pack a complete air plane? Yes, we’re not kidding.

Boxon’s INTERCEPT Technology products with advanced corrosion protection are used to pack army armament. Let’s look at some photos of army vehicles and equipment packed with INTERCEPT Technology products. 

博壳松教你如何正确打包飞机 How to pack a plane-5
博壳松教你如何正确打包飞机 How to pack a plane-6

You might have the question:  why armies choose INTERCEPT Technology products to pack their armament? The answer is INTERCEPT Technology with more than 30 Years of Advanced Corrosion Protection..

The INTERCEPT Technology’s primary function is corrosion protection. INTERCEPT was developed by Lucent Technologies and Bell Labs and has been developed since over 30 years to withstand the most extreme conditions and has proven its performance in even long-term applications since 1984.  The technology works differently to other existing protection technologies. Today the INTERCEPT Technology is applied in a variety of products and applications and allows for considerable reductions of process cost.

INTERCEPT Technology products consist of special high surface area copper articles which are chemically fixed to the polymer-matrix of the product. Several protective functions therefore are combined into the one product.

INTERCEPT reacts with and permanently chemically binds the corrosive gases creating a neutralized atmosphere, which protects all of the materials inside against corrosion (rust, oxidation, solderability, etc.) and aging. Humidity, which can penetrate the packing material, will have its atmospheric corrosive gases neutralized and thus cannot cause corrosion. It therefore provides protection for metals and fabrics, and just about everything from an engine and intricate gears to silver jewelry.

The two following graphs show the results of laboratory testing with chlorine and sulfur penetration respectively at DuPont: 

Too complex to understand?

No problem. You only need to know that Boxon’s INTERCEPT Technology products provide advanced packaging protection against corrosion and degradation, effective from -35 Celsius degrees to +80 for more than 10 years. At the same time INTERCEPT Technology products can offer protection against static discharges as well.

Today our INTERCEPT products are used in the following industries:

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive 

  • Electronics/Telecommunications 

  • Heavy Machinery 

  • Mining 

  • Oil & Gas 

  • Jewelry/Coins

  • and Other

See our Volkswagen case where our INTERCEPT solution is being used for protecting engine blocks.

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