Senior Packaging Engineer Explains To You: The Process of Designing Product Packaging

Interested in learning about how packaging engineers with ten years of experience make packaging solution? Boxon Senior Packaging Engineer Michael Yan explains it to you.

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Design factors

Product features

Some products are susceptible to moisture or rust, and some parts are susceptible to collision damage or electrostatic damage. Boxon engineers will take into account these characteristics and take special measures of protection.


Big acceleration may damage products during the transportation of air, sea, rail or truck. Therefore Boxon engineers will analyze the force and design appropriate protective packaging.


The European Union, Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan, South Korea and so on set high standards for package materials and certain packaging materials are prohibited from being imported. In addition, in order to protect domestic resources, the importing countries will ask for the claim of heat treatment for wood/plywood package and solid wood needs IPPC mark. Therefore, Boxon engineers take into account the export destination regulations for you to avoid the trouble and loss at the custom.

Loading method

According to product characteristics and current equipment you can choose hydraulic car, forklift and slip sheet to load cargo. When products are manually loaded, the weight of per packaging is designed not more than 15 ~ 25 kg. The structure (such as bottom bracket) for the operation of equipment should be considered for products with large volume and quality.

Disposable/recycled packaging

Disposable packaging is used for one time. We provide a variety of economical materials for you to choose from. Recycled packaging can be utilized in multiple transport, which is suitable for large quantities of products and limited distribution points. We make the appropriate packaging solutions according to your different situation.

Packaging optimization

We evaluate your current packaging and provide better packaging solution by optimizing materials, sizes, packaging methods, etc., to save your packaging and logistics cost, and ultimately improve the market competitiveness of your products.

Packaging test

Depending on your needs, we will arrange third-party laboratories to test the vibration, shock, stress and/or climate impacts during transportation prior to shipping to reduce the risk of products damage according to GB, ISTA, ASTM, etc..


Michael Yan
Technical Manager
“Professional, careful, good communication, experienced, creative”

  • Majored in Packaging Engineering
  • 10 years of experience in packaging design
  • Participated and managed many projects
  • Good at project management and customer communication

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