Boxon Group Release Sustainability Report 2021

Recently, Boxon group released the 2021 Sustainability Report. The report present Boxon’s overall performance of sustainability in terms of economy, society and environment.


Boxon is yearly assessed and rated by Ecovadis on our sustainability work progress. In 2021, the assessment of the entire Boxon Group was carried out for the very first time. Boxon Group was awarded a silver medal in recognition of our sustainability achievement!

In 2021 Boxon won an award at the ScanStar Award competition for our LM Box (less material box). The LM box is designed in such an intelligent way, that it minimizes waste in every part of the production through its capacity to be adjusted in both size and construction. The box is made from recycled material, is easy to fold, and very rigid in its construction. It offers good communication possibilities with its customers. It is also very user-friendly with its easy opening and recycling.

Boxon continuously measures the customer satisfaction. In 2021 our overall score was 4,2 of 5 and overall NPS was 21,5 in all our markets for the yearly customer satisfaction survey. Our overall score is 4,1 based on 412 reviews on Trustpilot. All our customer reviews on Trustpilot are transparent and in our processes, it is clearly stated that we answer all reviews.

In early 2021, Boxon implemented an updated Anti-Corruption policy as well as an updated Supplier Code of Conduct. All employees went through Anti-corruption policy training, and employees working with suppliers had training on how to apply- and work according to our Supplier Code of Conduct.

In 2021, no complaints or case of corruption was reported.

At the heart of UN “Agenda 2030” are the seventeen SDGs. Boxon has a particular impact on several of the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) and has chosen to focus on the following objectives.

Objectives 7: Affordable and clean energy

To install Solar panels on our warehouses to produce local energy.

Replace the fossil fuel-based company cars with EV.

Boxon’s status and comments

We have started a project in Helsingborg where the goal is to produce up to 500 MWh electricity per year from the sun. The plan is for it to be operational by late 2022.

A new company car policy has been implemented, and the first EV been delivered.

Objectives 8: Decent work and economic growth

Boxon employees are covered by a collective agreement (or similar). This, together with cooperation with trade unions/work councils, ensures our employees’ rights.

Boxon’s status and comments

Boxon promotes a safe working environment. The vision is always zero accidents.

Today 63 % of Boxon’s workforce is covered by a collective agreement.

For all other personnel, similar agreements are applied. All production sites work continuously to improve the working environment, as well as prevent accidents.

Objective 12: Responsible consumption and production

Boxon is working on reducing raw material and increase use of recycled material and bio-based materials in products and solutions.

Boxon’s status and comments

In 2021, Boxon launched its sustainable product portfolio, described on page 52. KPIs for the following sustainable product offering were established for 2022 going forward. These are described on page 52.

Objective 13: Climate Action

Boxon will decrease its impact on the climate by reducing its CO2 emission by 30% by 2025 from company operations.

By helping customers select product alterna­tives with lower carbon footprints.

Boxons status and comments

Starting in 2019, Boxon collected data for Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 (products and transports excluded) CO2-eq. emissions (carbon dioxide equivalents), see page 60.

Model for Scope 3 – products and transportation will be created in 2022.

Health and Safety

In 2021 we had:

. No work-related accidents and/or diseases recorded.

. No injuries, occupational diseases or work-related fatalities recorded.



In late 2021, Boxon had started the process of FSC certification in the Nordics and Asia. We expect to become FSC certified for our three main product groups: paper; corrugated paper and wood by April 2022.

Community engagement

Our commitment is to support and help people in the communities that we are operating in.

Helsingborgs IF

Helsingborgs IF is a Swedish football club that was founded in 1907. In 2021, Boxon decided to help Helsingborgs IF in their sustainability work by signing a three-year agreement, agreeing to sponsor the club with 750 000 SEK. Helsingborgs IF works actively to create a better society. Their slogan is “Stronger together” and their focus is on the following areas: Health, Environment, Inclusion, Cooperation and Employment.

Read more here: http://www.hif.se/hallbarhet/


Olympic Viking

In 2021, Boxon signed a three-year sponsor contract with the handball club Olympic Viking. The contract is worth 300 000 SEK. This investment is related to their project “Handball school for all children – against exclusion for integration”. The project started in 2016, and currently more than 250 children in exposed parts of the Helsingborg municipality are participating in the handball school and 100 children are supported with extra homework tutoring.

Read more here: www.ovbollochskola.se

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