Automotive SKD/CKD Packaging

Are you facing these challenges?

Too many spare parts and a large variety of packaging lead to high logistic cost

The lack of the holistic view of packaging results in low efficiency of transport load and warehousing so that the cost of transport and warehousing is inevitably high.

High communication and management cost due to many packaging suppliers

Many packaging suppliers means higher supplier management cost when it comes to packaging material selection, quality control, adjustment, communication, etc.

Large loss happens due to long transport distance and high damage rate of packaging

Auto spare part suppliers and OEMs locate in different regions and countries. Long transport distance leads to higher risk of cargo loss.

How do we help automotive OEMs and spare part suppliers?

Ease off your work for packaging

We offer a full range of packaging materials and make the optimal packaging solutions with the most suitable materials according to your product feature, transport mode and production lines, etc. You save a great deal of hassle of managing many packaging suppliers.

Enhance the safety in transit

Our packaging engineers analyze the products and logistic chain and utilize their rich experience and knowledge to design suitable packaging solutions and do necessary packaging tests, so that the goods are safely transported to the destination through long distance.

Save logistic cost

By offering fully integrated packaging solutions we can save total logistic cost for customers, e.g. through packaging standardizing we increase the loading rate of containers and trucks, the quantities of goods per pallet and warehousing efficiency. As a result the cost of transport and warehousing is greatly saved.

Our Customers

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